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Mccarthyism Vs Salem Witch Trials Essays

Essay about McCarthyism versus the Salem Witch Trials

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Many people in this world are accused of crimes so absurd that when put to trial, they name others of the same crime to redirect the focus from them to others like it happens in the actual day, every year, with minor cases. McCarthyism was one of those cases that changed history, likewise the Salem Witch Trials. McCarthyism had the same effect on people, people who were accused of communism blame others to lessen their penalty like in the Salem Witch Trials, so how the Salem Witch Trials and the McCarthy Era can connects although the great difference in time?

Joseph McCarthy was a United States senator in the mid twentieth century who believed that the communists were taking over the State Department and were shaping the foreign…show more content…

“This is the time of the cold war. This is the time when the entire world is split into two vast increasingly hostile armed camps” (Joseph McCarthy). He thought that to find the peace that people wanted they could no longer close their eyes and close their ears to the problems in the government and in the world. To think that the communist revolution could not be carried out peacefully within the framework of a Christian democracy means one has either gone out of ones mind and lost all normal understanding, or has grossly repudiated the communist revolution. He knew that “The time was now”, that when a great democracy is destroyed, it will not be because of enemies from without but because of enemies from within (The Annals of America).

One thing that can relate to the McCarthy Era is the Salem Witch Trials in 1692. McCarthy started McCarthyism as the group of girls started The Salem Witch Trials. He was like the group of girls, accusing innocent people of false acts. In the crucible many people were hanged, and in the McCarthy era many people lost their jobs, and were basically black mailed. Some of the events that were the same would be the hype in the towns. In Salem people were going crazy over the witch craze they could not take it anymore. In the United States many people were listening to McCarthy as people in Salem were to the girls, McCarthy was accusing people of incorrect acts, and the United States people believed it. In the events that happened in the

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Comparing the Salem Witch Trials and McCarthyism in America Essay

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The Salem witch trials and the story of Joseph McCarthy are very similar; they both accused innocent people of doing things that were “bad” at the time. The Salem Witch trials were persecutions of men and woman on account of performing witchcraft. Two girls accused a woman of doing witchcraft and then the accusations continued, people accused other people to relieve their own punishment in a last ditch effort to save their lives, but it was in vein. After the witch trials were over “19 had been killed and an elderly man pressed to death under heavy stones”(Linder). “Some accused of witch craft were burned at the stake all in the name of justice”(Brown). Others were finally let out of jail after being in imprisonment for months at a time.…show more content…

“Arthur Miller made the play called “The Crucible” during the 1950’s as a response to McCarthyism and the U.S. Governments blacklisted people.”(Blakesley). Miller was then question and accused of “Contempt of Congress” for not identifying people that were at meetings he attended. McCarthyism and The Salem Witch Craft Trials have been two very wrong things that have happened in the history of the United States for a lot of reasons. First off they both wrongfully accused innocent people of performing not accepted actions of those times. In America you have a right of free will and in both cases they were denied this right just because of someone else’s opinion. In both cases of the Salem Witch Craft Trials and McCarthyism people were being accused of acts with little evidence. People pointed fingers at others so they wouldn’t get blamed for anything, so there was a scare factor taking place. Large groups of people supported these acts maybe because of a get on board everyone’s doing it theme, and if you disagreed you were considered a witch or a communist. Our country supported McCarthy until later we soon regretted it. During the 1940’s and 1950’s communism was a scare in the U.S. so McCarthy capitalized on the subject and said two hundred card carrying communist were in the U.S(PBS). With the Salem Trials people capitalized on the scare of witches and everyone starting accusing the “weird” people. Accusations weather true or false can

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